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Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Tech Center

High Tech Goes Old School


When learning something new, it helps to have a friendly guide in a comfortable physical setting. Inspired by one-room schoolhouses, Cryptacademy was designed to be a comfortable, intimate environment for people to learn how to use, store, trade, mine, and manage cryptocurrencies in a single day.

Located on the coast, near Valdivia, Chile, it will function in tandem with a residential building that’s also under development next to it in order to serve as a start-up incubator for blockchain tech projects. We’ll be working with local businesses, community groups, schools, and universities to drive cryptocurrency adoption and blockchain technology development in the region.

Serving as a proof-of-concept, our business model and building architecture will be published for ease of replication. It’s our belief that every community in the world could benefit from such a building so our goal is to assist entrepreneurs in following our example.  For this first location, a gorgeous build site has already been secured, an outstanding team is forming, and construction is planned to be completed later this season. Sign-up at the bottom of the page for updates to learn about sponsorship and investment opportunities as well as all other project developments as they’re revealed.

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